Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment requires individuals who share your company’s long term vision and we know just how to find them. At LCP, we take the time to understand your requirements in thorough detail to provide bespoke recruitment solutions.

The initial process involves a consultation stage spent on understanding your pain-points and getting to know you and your company better, which in turn will help us identify the right profiles whilst representing your brand in the most appropriate manner.

With proactive attitudes, we are constantly expanding our market expertise, capturing real time information on current market conditions, talent pool and competitor analysis.

We focus on continuous compilation and revision of our talent pool and establishing long-term relationships to provide a rapidly deployable shortlist of suitable candidates before our competitors have completed their first step.

Whether you are looking for contingency hire or a detailed sourcing of highly skilled hard-to-find talent, rest assured that we have the experience and capability in identifying and attracting the very best candidates in the market.